There is a new Facebook app out for the Android, it is called the Facebook Home app, and it is now available on the Google Play website. It has not met with a very good reception at the moment, as many people feel that there are things that need to be patched. Nevertheless, the app is available now for free, so one can hardly complain too much
A quick rundown of what this new app involves
You can use the app to see the latest Facebook posts. It allows you to see the newest posts from your friends at a glance, as they are all available to see on the apps start screen (its homepage).
It allows you to chat with people using the Facebook messenger service. It allows you to IM chat with people in a similar fashion to the way you can IM chat with people on the Facebook desktop website.
The app has bigger notifications than the other Facebook apps, and it allows you to see things from Facebook and Instagram a lot quicker than if you were to check the Facebook desktop website.

All about the new Facebook app
It is now available on the Android and allows you to put your friends first on your app. It has replaced the standard home screen with posts and photos provided by your friends. It is an app that is far more interested in connecting you with your friends a lot quicker than other Facebook apps. It also allows you to get other apps. You can do this by swiping from your profile picture onto the app of your choice. This will open up the app launcher.


The app allows you to install the messenger app so that you can get the experience that you would have at home on your desktop computer. The new app launcher function is a lot easier to use and if you are chatting via the Facebook messenger, you can still use other apps at the same time.
What can I use the Facebook app on?
Essentially, it is available on all Android phones, but the developers recommend it for the following devices.
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy S III
HTC One X+
The news feed is the first thing you see
This is the function that allows you to see the posts by your newest friends, their newest photos and any other relevant updates. This is known as the news feed and is very easy to navigate through. You can swipe through the news feed in order to see more posts, and if you want to like a post then all you need to do is double-tap the post with your finger. You can even create and post comments right from the news feed. You do not have to move into a different section in order to post a comment.
There is a notifications function on the new Facebook app
The notifications symbol is available on the far right of your home screen. They stay in that place until as/and when you need them. If you want the notifications to disappear, then open them by tapping on them, or clear them away in a similar manner. You can do all of this from the home page that first appears when you launch the app.
You can jump out of and into conversations on messenger
You can send or receive a message via Facebook messages, or you can chat with the IM function, and all without having to switch screens. You can enter and leave conversations and do other things whilst you are at it, including browsing the web on your Internet browser. You are not cut-off from the conversation when you move out of a conversation/chat panel.


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